Impactis Fund

Impactis Fund Impactis Fund

Impactis Fund is a high conviction Fund of Hedge Funds investing mainly in ESG (“Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance”) hedge funds globally with an opportunistic approach. The hedge funds’ universe is focused in integrating ESG and Responsible Investment in their investment decision process. The ESG hedge funds universe is continuously evolving due to the momentum of the transition. Impactis invests in various investment approaches and risk exposures to avoid multiple overlaps. Although the Fund is expected to be rather concentrated, the core of the underlying strategies provides a high level of diversification. Impactis Value Fund is covering a unique and innovative sub-set of hedge funds strategies with plenty of opportunities.

Fund Objectives

Main Strategy: AQUIS aims to create an asymmetric portfolio with high risk-adjusted returns over various market cycles and market conditions. Our unique global network enables us to provide access to “closed” managers and identifying niche, ‘under-the-radar’ managers to create an extra added value for its clients. AQUIS strongly believes that it can provides a better investment experience to its clients based on the investment professionals experience, network, skills and high commitment also in the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) landscape. For that specific reason, AQUIS partnered with WaVeritas AG, Switzerland to create a unique symbiose and added value between investment and ESG skills.
Target Returns: 8 – 12% p.a. net of fees over a three to five years’ investment horizon

Fund Details (In seeding phase)

Investment Objectives: Target return net of fees 8 – 12% p.a. over 3 – 5 years investment horizon
Target volatility of 6 – 8% p.a.
Low to medium correlation to equity, fixed income and commodities indices
Liquidity: Subscription: Monthly, 2 business days notice
Redemption: Quarterly, 45 days notice
Minimum Investment: 10’000 USD or equivalent amount in EUR, CHF
Investment Manager: Hyposwiss Private Bank, Geneva
Investment Advisor: AQUIS Capital Ltd., Zürich
ESG Advisor: WaVeritas, Liechtenstein
Fund Structure: Luxembourg SICAV
Administrator: FundSolution Partner / Depositary: Pictet & Cie Europe
Fee Structure: Founder Class A: Management Fee: tbd
Class B: Management Fee: 0.75% p.a.
Performance Fee: 15% p.a. with a hurdle of 4% and Highwater Mark