The Atlas Global Fund is a specialized Fund of Hedge Funds investing across a wide spectrum of asset classes, sources of return and geographies via a diversified range of liquid Hedge Fund strategies. The Fund’s scope includes, but is not limited to Long/Short Equity, Long / Short Credit, Global Macro, and Event Driven strategies.

The Impactis Fund (“Fund”) is a unique Fund of Hedge Funds investing mainly in Sustainable or ESG (“Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance”) Hedge Funds globally. The Fund’s aim is to achieve a high degree of compatibility with sustainable economic growth. The Fund incorporates ESG and Sustainability in the investment policy to comply with the EU-SFDR Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and the EU Taxonomy for sustainable investment products.

The Lumen Vietnam Fund is an actively managed equity UCITS Funds investing in listed companies in Vietnam. The investment process filters undervalued and high-growth companies with good corporate governance good corporate governance, ESG integration and focus on Vietnam’s growth drivers.