Our Sustainability and ESG Mission Our Sustainability and ESG Mission

AQUIS Capital is committed to create a positive, long-term impact for its stakeholder. As an active and responsible asset management firm, AQUIS Capital’s mission is to provide innovative and sustainable investment solutions for its clients. For AQUIS Capital, it is paramount to achieve the best possible alignment with sustainable growth and development to order to fulfil its mission.

Our vision is to play an active role as a responsible investor to create positive impact. We engage with stakeholders, investee companies and funds in order to drive and bring forward the topic of sustainable and responsible investment.

As much as we believe in the value of ESG as investor, we hold ourselves accountable to ambitious standards in our daily interactions with stakeholders. Dedication, transparency and accountability are cornerstone values of our philosophy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) considerations are an important aspect of our firm’s culture are a crucial driver of sustainable growth and superior investment returns.

To reflect our commitment and engagement on corporate and product level, we developed a holistic sustainability strategy that takes both pillars into consideration. The strategy builds on a materiality analysis in the context UN Sustainable Development Goals and Target as framework objectives. The materiality assessment reveals that the most effective contribution to sustainable growth can be achieved through providing responsible and sustainable investment solutions. AQUIS Capital products integrate actively ESG in investment decisions. AQUIS Capital’s goal is to continuously lift the bar in terms of sustainability to achieve a leading position in the respective ESG focused product strategy. AQUIS Capital is not only expecting investee companies and funds to embrace sustainability, it also is committed to uphold the standards on firm level.

At AQUIS Capital, the Board of Directors is directly overseeing the sustainability strategy, goal attainment and further developments.

1.  Corporate Responsibility

1.1 Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

AQUIS Capital is committed to high ethical standards in all business dealings. In every contact with stakeholders, we act with integrity, due skill and care.

We put client interests before our own and in particular before personal interest. We never let personal interests influence our work and dealings with clients. AQUIS Capital employees and directors don’t offer or accept improper gifts or payments from clients and partners.

We always make sure, that our products are suitable and adequate for our clients.

We keep information secure and safe and protect client’s privacy rights. We are determined to handle all data appropriately and with due care.

AQUIS Capital follows a zero-tolerance policy with regards to corruption, bribery and money laundering.

We have internal control systems in place to detect and report any form of misconduct.

Organization and Resources

Responsible management means to consider Economic, Social and Environmental criteria in all decisions. The CEO is responsible for implementing, representing, developing and managing the sustainability efforts at AQUIS Capital. The CEO ensures that adequate rules, guidelines and control functions are in place to meet all regulatory standards. He also makes sure that enough resources are dedicated on product and corporate level.

The CEO does not receive variable ESG-linked compensation awards, however, to remuneration for the management of the sustainability strategy is included in the fixed remuneration package.

1.2 Social Responsibility

Working Environment / Health & Safety

Motivated and competent employees are essential to client satisfaction and thus the long-term success of AQUIS Capital. We aim to create an environment where talented individuals with diverse background can strive and carry forward our mission.

AQUIS Capital is committed ensure a healthy and safe working environment and a corporate culture that is supported by all employees. We respect the opinions of others and the dignity, the privacy and personal rights of each individual.

AQUIS Capital offers ergonomic workplaces and flexible work models to support employees in creating a sustainable work life balance.

Diversity and equal opportunity

At AQUIS Capital, we celebrate diversity and we are proud to have a diverse team of individuals with different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders.

AQUIS Capital is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to the principle of equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal pay.

We do not tolerate discrimination and harassment of any kind. Expressively we prohibit any discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, beliefs, nationality, ethnic origin and gender.

Human Rights

We are committed to uphold human rights. In this regard, we consider in particular the principles stipulated in the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in all of our endeavours.

Stakeholder Engagement

AQUIS Capital works together with clients, partners and investee companies from all over the world. AQUIS Capital seeks the dialogue with all stakeholders on ESG and sustainability related matters.

This engagement aligns well with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) which we pledge to uphold as a signatory. AQUIS Capital integrates ESG, is an active owner and seek appropriate disclosures from investee companies.

1.3 Environmental Management and Stewardship

Climate Change is a global challenge, and everyone is affected. Managing environmental risks and opportunities is in particular relevant on product level. However, also on corporate level we integrate environmental considerations into business decisions. We also directly recognize the economic benefits of eco-efficiency. The responsible use of materials and the improvement of energy efficiency, play an essential role in our operational processes.

When procuring office materials and goods, AQUIS Capital considers eco-friendly local products.

2.    Sustainable Product Offering

The most material impact we can create is through our products. We belief that it is essential to achieve the best possible alignment with sustainable economic growth to achieve our economic targets and exceed our client expectations.

To achieve our mission, AQUIS Capital actively manages sustainability risks and opportunities and integrates ESG factors in investment decisions. AQUIS Capital manages funds of different asset classes and profiles and thus each investment product has its own approach regarding ESG risk management. AQUIS Capital engagement in various asset classes enables the firm to address sustainability challenges in different ways.