Atlas Global Fund

Atlas Global Fund Atlas Global Fund

The Atlas Global Fund is a specialized Fund of Hedge Funds investing across a wide range of asset classes, sources of return and geographies via diversified range of liquid Hedge Funds’ strategies. The Fund’s scope includes, but not limited to Long/Short Equity, Long / Short Credit, Global Macro, and Event Driven strategies. The Fund reflects the investment managers’ best liquid Hedge Fund ideas and emphasizes on downside protection, embracing upside potential and compounding high risk-adjusted returns. The classical hedge fund approach (correlation, volatility and return) is enhanced with three important modular portfolio construction innovations: Neutrality, Opportunity and Convexity.

The Fund aims to deliver wealth preservation during stress and adverse markets conditions and delivers upside potential during benign market environment. The objectives of the Atlas Global Fund are a return net of fees between 4% – 6% p.a. over a three to five years’ investment horizon, a volatility below 4% and low correlation to traditional asset classes, such as equities, fixed income and commodities.

Fund Objectives

Main Strategy: AQUIS aims to create an asymmetric portfolio with high risk-adjusted returns over various market cycles and market conditions. Our unique global network enables us to provide access to “closed” managers and identifying niche, ‘under-the-radar’ managers to create an extra added value for its clients. AQUIS strongly believes that it can provides a better investment experience to its clients based on the investment professionals experience, network, skills and high commitment.
Target Returns: 4% – 6% p.a. net of fees over a three to five years’ investment horizon

Fund Details

Investment Objectives: Target return net of fees 4 – 6% p.a. over 3 – 5 years investment horizon
Subscription: Monthly with 2 days notice
Redemption: Monthly with 45 days notice
Minimum Subscription: 10,000 USD
Management Fee: Class A: 0.75% p.a. / Class B: 1.35% p.a
Performance Fee: 10% above 3% hurdle rate
Investment Manager AQUIS Capital AG, Zurich